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The maximum guests for each charter type is chosen to provide the best professional and family friendly experience on your fishing, clamming, or sight seeing experience.

Fishing Times

Fishing is based on solar time so our departure will vary depending on the times of the sunrise and sunset. Typically the half-day morning and full day charter will start shortly after sunrise. The morning charter will return after 4 hours which is shortly before lunch. The afternoon charter will leave shortly after lunch and return after about 4 hours.

The evening flounder gigging will leave shortly before sunset and last between 5 and 6 hours.

Please call me at 717-448-1122 to verify departure times. Texts will generally receive a quicker response.

Charter Types

Reservation types are designed to help you achieve the best experience for you and your family or friends. Find the experience you want to have below and use my online reservation system to reserve your spot today.

Charter TypeTotal PeopleCost
Half day fishing or bow fishing
(Morning or afternoon)
up to 4 anglers$600
About 4 hour trip5 anglers$650
6 anglers$700
3/4-day fishing or bow fishingup to 4 anglers $900
Typically starting shortly after sunrise5 anglers$950
About 6 hour trip6 anglers$1,000
Full-day fishing or bow fishingup to 4 anglers $1,200
Typically starting shortly after sunrise5 anglers$1,250
About 8 hour trip6 anglers$1,300
Clam digging (4 hours)6 diggers$500
OBX Charter Fishing

“Remember that the waves and wind may tip the boat but only you can tip the captain.”

I work to provide you an exceptional time back-country fishing, bow fishing, flounder gigging, or clam digging in the Pamlico Sound. It is customary to provide a 20% tip for an exceptional experience.

“How many passengers can you take?”, is a common question. I am able to carry 6 passengers, but for a better overall fishing experience I recommend 4 passengers. Many days we are fishing super shallow grass flats and having 6 anglers makes it nearly impossible to get where we need to fish. In other words, 6 sumo wrestlers in a 26′ boat is too much. The reason I take 6 passengers is that I like to accommodate family groups with kids.


The quickest way to get the date you want is to use my online reservation system. You can securely pay your deposit for your charter. If you have any questions, you can text or call me at 717-448-1122.

All deposits are due ten days after the booking of your charter. Send all deposits to:

Black Pearl Fishing
PO Box 234
Hatteras, NC 27943

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